How to Travel Around Japan for Cheap

There is a misconception that Japan is an expensive travel destination – while it can be expensive, there are also ways to do it on a budget.

One of the most significant costs can be transportation, so let’s look at the best ways to travel around Japan without breaking the bank!

Japan by train

You will likely want to travel by bullet train to experience the speeds of up to 320 km per hour, but keep in mind that they are very expensive, but they’re clean & comfortable. The cheaper alternative are the regular limited express and regional trains. A lot slower, but significantly less expensive. Definitely travel on at least one bullet train though, it’s a great experience to tick off your bucket list.

Train travel is often recommended as the best way to see Japan, and the cheapest way to do that if you plan on only travelling by train where possible, then you’ll need a Japan Rail (JR) pass, which works with both regular trains, as well as the bullet trains, with unlimited rides.

Japan by bus

The two-hour bullet train ride from Tokyo to Osaka would take ten hours on a bus. This is something to keep in mind if you’re wondering why bus travel is such a cheaper option.

An advantage of the bus, however, is the many great stops along the way to break up your journey. Japan Bus Lines have bus passes with unlimited travel, so if you are willing to take a little extra time getting there, you can save on your journey and see sights you otherwise might not have.

Japan by plane

Japan has a lot more budget airline carriers now, so airfares are somewhat comparable to bullet train tickets. Keep in mind however that Japan isn’t a big country, so the plane flights are all very short and a great way to save time if you are trying to stick to a schedule.

You do need to remember that you’ll need to get to and from airports, so factor that into the costs when working out your budget.

Japan by ferry

There is an extensive selection of routes to choose from when travelling on Japan’s ferries, and there are a range of class sections, as well as private rooms if you desire.

Japan’s smaller islands can only be reached by water so the Japan Ferry Pass 21, which gives you six trips on various ferry routes for 21 days could be considered a necessity if you are planning on visiting them.

Travelling Japan doesn’t have to mean allocating a large part of your budget towards your travel; there are ways to be smart and save your money for the fun things!

Night Safari In Singapore

Are you planning to visit Singapore? If you’re looking for the best night attraction in Singapore, check out The Night Safari. It is the world’s first nocturnal zoo and one of the most popular attractions in the country for families.

Singapore’s Night Safari

You do not have to go to Africa to experience a real encounter with the wild. You can visit Singapore’s version of safari, but with a twist. Night Safari is the world’s first safari park for nocturnal animals. It received the Best Attraction category awarded by the Singapore Tourism Board on 12 occasions. It continues to make visitors in awe by the experience they can get just by touring here.

You can take a closer look at to over 2,500 animals of over 130 species. The area spans across 35 hectares of forests. The zoo’s humid tropical forest environment gives it a simulated look of a typical African safari and stimulates the animals’ natural habitat.

Visitors may not worry as protected by natural barriers instead of cages while they watch the animals. It is covered by two stretches, the walking trail and the tram rides. Just like any other parks, they offer other attractions such as tribal dances, fire-eating stints and a night show which showcases the animals in the Night Safari.

While at the zoo, you might look for food to satisfy your growling stomachs. Dining is never a problem as it has food outlets and restaurants. Check out Ulu Ulu Safari restaurant. They serve authentic Western and Asian dishes.

Enjoy a great nocturnal experience at the Night Safari Singapore. You will surely have a good time and realize the value of taking care of our mother nature as well.

Cool Travel Destinations To Experience Awesome Underwater Adventure

Underwater tours are gaining popularity among travellers. The beautiful marine life and the spectacular underwater landscape has always fascinated people. You can have a unique vacation experience by taking an underwater tour.

Here are some cool underwater destinations that you might want to try out.

Great Barrier Reef. It is Australia’s great natural wonder. It is the largest natural coral reef in the entire world. Here you can find more than 3,000 individual reef systems and home to a wide variety of marine life. You can swim, snorkel, dive and sail this iconic diving destination.

Diving on Isla Mujeres, MX, August 2015

Underwater Museum of Art. This stunning tourist destination in Cancun is the worlds most famous underwater sculpture museum. Scuba dive in this incredible place and you are in for a one-of-a-kind underwater tour of the world’s largest underwater museum. The stunning art of more than 500 full-scale sculptures are the works of famous sculptor Jason de Caires.

The underwater museum is designed as an alternative tourist spot to protect the local reefs from over-tourism. You can enjoy snorkelling in the underwater museum or enjoy viewing on board a glass-bottomed boat.

Atlantis, The Palm. This unique and chic hotel that offers a spectacular underwater experience is located in Dubai. In this hotel, you’ll find the Lost Chambers, a system of tunnels that features marvellous views of the most distinct collection of aquatic creatures.

In some chambers, visitors can dive, interact with the sea creatures and feed them. Inspired by the Lost City of Atlantis, guests will enjoy the feel of a lost civilization full of ruins and shipwrecks.

Beach Spots To Go When Visiting Australia

The Land Down Under is a perfect travel destination for those who love to go to the beach. But the great beaches in Australia is not just the only reason why you should visit the country. There are a lot of great places to see and do when it comes to this beautiful country. Here are some of our top places that you can visit:

Byron Bay

Although Byron Bay is a top tourist destination, you can still find well-hidden gems if you put in a little more work. From different kinds of waterfalls and swimming holes to gorgeous mountains and bush walks, this small region provides a lot of beauty. Start your hike at the bottom of Minyon Falls for a swim, then a hike to the top of My Warning to watch the sunrise. Swim at Killin Falls and follow it by hiking to the Natural Arch.


Melbourne has received its spot as the most liveable city in the world for the seventh time in a row. While most days see different weather such as hail, sunshine, rain and wind, but that does not stop Melbourne from having a good livelihood. Any given day, you can an exciting music gig, a great event, or an exhibit. The city is a multicultural metropolitan with different restaurants providing delicious foods and cafes.

Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast has the most beautiful strips of coastland in all of Australia. It boasts beautiful. long white beaches lined with cafes and clothes shops. After a day at the beach, you can head to the hinterland for a day of mountain hiking or even search for secluded swimming holes.

Travel And Food – Foods You Have To Try When In Japan

For foodie travellers, Japan is a great country to visit. Offering a number of sumptuous meals, but the country is not just famous for its sushi and ramen. Japan is the home of outstanding Michelin star restaurants, street food, and everything in between.

Here are some of the great foods you should try when in Japan:

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Ramen is one of the country’s most popular dishes and is the perfect meal for budget travelers since it is not that expensive and is very filling at the same time. Ramen is made of soup broth filled with noodles, miso, tonkotsu, and shio. Although it is possible to find ramen anywhere in Japan, each region in the country offers its own versions.


Okonomiyaki is a flavorful pancake, which is often referred to as Japanese pizza that contains different ingredients. The dish is mostly known in Osaka and Hiroshima with both region having their own take on it.


Takoyaki is a fried octopus ball and is considered in Osaka as one of their most famous dishes. The dish is made of a piece of octopus covered in a dough batter and shaped into a ball shape. Once the takoyaki is cooked, it will be covered with a sweet okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes, and Japanese mayonnaise.


Tempura is made of battered deep-fried seafood or vegetables such as eggplant, shrimp, sweet potato, lotus root, shiso leaves, mushroom, pumpkin, and the likes. Tempura can be found all over in Japan and can be served as a main dish or a side dish.

Favourite Food Things To Do When In Paris

Paris is one of those places most people want to visit once in their lifetime. And who would not want to see this perennial favourite? Seeing the iconic Eiffel Tower and riding the boats at the Seine River is just an amazing fit. Aside from popular destinations, most tourists want to see in the city, Paris is also a popular destination for food lovers.

Below are some of our favourite food things to do when in Paris, which could be merge alongside city tours and museum visits:

Go on a Paris Food Tour

Being in a food tour is a great way to taste and see their food while also understanding the culture of the city. Paris has a lot of great food from delicious fresh French cheese, olives and olive oils, tasteful pastries, and don’t forget the macarons.

Wine Tasting Class or Dinner

How about enrolling a wine tasting class at O Chateau? The O Chateau wine bar offers a selection of wine-related activities. You can participate in a wine tasting classes, a wine and cheese lunch or a wine-tasting dinner. This will be your chance to know more about French wines with other travellers and enjoy the food and wine at the same time.

Rue Mouffetard

Rue Mouffetard is considered as one the best food market streets in Paris. Visit the market street at around 10 am and 1 pm, and mostly on a Saturday morning to experience a lively atmosphere as both locals and tourists come to the place.